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Title: ‘Hier loit ‘t ressie’
Material: ceramics, clay  of the West Frisian field
Year: 2014

West Friesland, an area of thousands of islands surrounded by water. Where farmers live and breathe the clay they stand on. A land of hard working dedicated gardeners. A region which suffered from flooding, disease and illness over the centuries. Where people nowadays still feel one with nature.

My project is about my roots, my origins. I am born and raised in Langedijk, a small village in West Friesland, which in my believe is a very special area. Before the 1960ties Langedijk and many other places in West-Friesland mainly consisted of thousands of islands surrounded by water and containing fields. Gardeners went to these fields by boat to preform horticulture on it. Around 1960, large parts of this area parceled, which means that locks are drained. These days there are roads where once was water.

My love for the West Frisian landscape and my passion for ceramics have led to a series of urns made   of West Frisian clay. What could be more beautiful than to provide gardeners who put their heart and soul in working the clay fields for years, with a final resting place, an urn made of that same clay.

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